Jersey Pride Sale 2020


The 27th edition of the Jersey Pride Sale for the first time will not be held at the JerseyNZ AGM and Conference and will be conducted on line.

WHEN: Tuesday 12th May – 1pm
WHERE: www.bidr.co.nz/auction/247

Register now to ensure your account is ready to bid. Enquiries are welcome, contact Ross Riddell – 027 2111 112

Modern technology has enabled us to transition from cattle physically at the auction, progressing to photo sales with those present and those on phones bidding, to this years edition on Bidr live online. As with many new technologies adoption has not been instantaneous nor expected to be. As more buyers and watchers have connected results have been very satisfying to all parties, also fascinating.

The annual Jersey Pride sale has become one of the feature auctions looked forward to by vendors, purchasers and interested people. The 2020 edition includes cows suitable for flushing with gBW’s up to 366, an incalf cow with PW 600, incalf heifers to gBW 300+ and yearling heifers to BW 294. Fifteen straws of scarce Lynbrook Terrific semen will also be auctioned adding to the overall standard and variety on offer. Showcasing elite genetics with Pride.

For those who would prefer to look at a more traditional catalogue, Link Livestock Ltd have prepared a catalogue for this sale.