Season Update

Given the combination of hot and windy conditions most of the country are now receiving, it is very fortunate that most farmers have made serious amounts of supplement over the last 3 to 4 months, as some of it is now being fed out.

The cow/heifer market had been dozing for months but is starting to wake up. Prices look similar to last season with good average herds $1700-$1800 and heifer lines $1300- $1600. Middle of the road jersey weaner heifers are in the $500’s with top lines higher.

 The weaner jersey bull market has moved up as the season has progressed and still some unsatisfied demand.

Many farmers are in the process of scanning or about to. The results will firm up requirements for both buying and selling and breath more life into the market.

Warning: AE economic values change substantially mid February so be sure to note whether new or old BW’s

For Sale:

13 xbred autumn calvers BW 54 PW 61 $1500

57 xbred cows dtc 28/7/19 High producing $1750 and 27 jersey and xbred  in calf heifers BW 76 PW 99 $1450

48 capacious xbred cows BW 57 PW 82 dtc 22/7/19 $1750 and 40 jersey in calf heifers. $1500

200 from 250 jersey cows BW 104 PW PW 97 dtc 15/7/19 $1800

200 jersey cows BW 56 PW 64 dtc 28/7/19 $1500

100 surplus jersey cows dtc 12/7/19

400 xbred good herd Northland early

45 jersey in calf heifers complete line BW 150 dtc 12/7/19 $1500

54 jersey incalf heifers complete line BW 140 dtc 28/7/19 $1650

26 jersey and xbred incalf heifers BW 151 dtc 12/7/ 19 $1550

Lines of weaner jersey heifer calves $600

Lines of budget jersey cows.


Jersey herds and in calf heifers.

MT dry and inmilk cows.

Weaner jersey bull calves.

Note: all BW quoted are January values.

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