Te Awamutu Club – Junior Classic

The Te Awamutu Jersey Club is sending out an invitation to all Club families for the “Junior Classic”. This is to be judged on farm with attention being given by the judges to “Best Presented” and “Handling”.

The date for this event is 12th October 2019. There are two type classes for 5-11 year olds and 12-17year olds. There will be ribbons and also there is a trophy called the McGregor Trophy which stipulates 5-15 year old entrants and is awarded to a child and calf the  judges deem worthy of this award. Judges are club members who do not have a child participating.

Club Secretary Shirley Hamilton is looking for expressions of interest so that a decision can be made to proceed with the event. Contact Shirley at drumclog@farmside.co.nz 

To find out more about the Te Awamutu Jersey Cattle Club please contact Shirley Hamilton (07)8732802 or Club President Glen Wilson (07) 8722766