Waikato Invitational Sale 2019

7th May – 12 Noon
103 Proctor Road, Taupiri, Dairy No: 72318

The Waikato Invitation Sale is now an established part of the Autumn sales series with increased numbers this year from a committed group of vendors.
Returning buyers indicate a high level of satisfaction from past purchases. Perusal of farmers dairy factory statements would strongly indicate that jerseys should be the breed of choice financially with the increased price of fat.
Adding heifers for replacements, or additional numbers from this sale would be a judicious decision. Our appreciation of the Gibb Family for providing an excellent venue. We would respectively suggest that sale attendees wear clean footware to restrict the spread of micoplasma bovis

Sale will comprise:

  • 49 in-calf heifers
  • 1 cow
  • 6 heifer calves
  • 56 Total