2020 WWS – Member Voting

World Wide Sires Jersey Photo Competition – Voting Form 2020

The Judges have voted and the top 6 photos from classes A, B, C1, C2, and D of this competition need our members vote.

When voting for classes A, B, C1, and C2, please place the finalist in order of preference based on the animal showing the best conformation. When voting for Class D, place finalists in order of preference based on the general appeal in promoting Jerseys in New Zealand.

When recording your vote, please record the number relating to the particular photo, for example A1, A2, A3… in the appropriate column. Please contact the office for further assistance.

You may either post or email the form back to the Jersey NZ office, or complete the online form below. Your vote will remain strictly confidential.

Class A – 2 & 3 year old inmilk, haltered

Class B – 4 year old and older, haltered

Class C1 – 2 & 3 year old inmilk, unhaltered

Class C2 – 4 year old and older, unhaltered

Class D – Jersey Scene

WWS Photo Competition - Member Voting

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    Voting is only open to Members of Jersey NZ.

VOTING CLOSES: 30 June 2020