2 Year Old – Semex National Result

Below are the results for the 2 Year Old class from the 2020 Semex National Jersey On Farm challenge.

Congratulations to every one that took part in the competition and a special thanks to Semex NZ for the continued sponsorship + the 2020 judge Richard Adam – Carnmor Jerseys for taking the time to travel across our country side.

More results will be released over the next week. Keep an eye on our articles section, Facebook, and Instagram.

Remember awards for National 1st, 2nd and Youth winners will be awarded at this years Annual Conference.

6th Place

Denson Dale Viral Vessy – L A & A H Wilson

5th Place

A’Charnaich Bison 370 S0J – The Macdonald Family Trust

4th Place

Ferdon On Time Sharee – Ferdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson

3rd Place

Leithlea Charlie Sian – Leithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin

2nd Place

Ferdon Premier Flower – Ferdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson

1st Place

Belbrook Joel Lulu – Belbrook Farming Ltd – J & R Wakelin