Jersey Advantage is a not-for-profit organisation, comprised of a group of motivated, successful young farmers. The group is split into three committees that work across the areas of commercial influence, future proofing and promotions.  Jersey Advantage is governed by a trust board that oversees the activity of the working group.

The group works alongside Jersey NZ under a Memorandum of Understanding.  Jersey NZ have appointed representatives to each of the Jersey Advantage committees as well as the Trust Board.

Jersey Advantage advocates for the Jersey breed on a range of issues including increasing the intake of Jersey bulls for sire proving schemes; adjustments to indices to incorporate the effect of sire breed on pregnancy energy requirements and breed differences in pregnancy rates; and adjustments to capacity charges which will reward herds with higher milksolid percentages.

They are also looking to partner with other organisations on research initiatives around the environmental and animal welfare advantages of the Jersey breed, as well as the branding of Jersey and Jersey cross milk and meat products.

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For more info on Jersey Advantage Visit their website at: https://www.jerseyadvantage.co.nz/