The Jersey NZ Female Hall of Fame is an annual award handed out to only the best cows across the country. For a cow to be nominated for the award they must follow the below specifications:

  • Any cow that has been registered with JerseyNZ is eligible for nomination (current or historic)
  • JerseyNZ will appoint three Judges annually to consider nominations, these judges will be selected from a cross-section of JerseyNZ membership
  • 5 finalists will be chosen and announced via e-mail, website and Facebook prior to Annual Conference
  • Up to 2 cows will be inducted annually into the JerseyNZ Female Hall of Fame at the Annual Conference Awards Night. This presentation will highlight the inductees and their accomplishments
  • Nomination reasons may include (but are not restricted to) high index; outstanding progeny; on farm results; show results; great cow family; any other accomplishment worthy of consideration.
  • Any nomination will stay active for the next two years if the cow is not inducted into the Hall of Fame within that time
  • Members do not need to be the owner of a cow to nominate her

Inducted into the Hall of Fame 2024:

Five finalists were named in April in the 2024 Jersey NZ Hall of Fame judged by members Cliff Shearer, Tony Luckin and Robert Hall.  Two of these famed cows were inducted into the Jersey NZ Hall of Fame at the Annual Conference on 16 May 2024.

The finalists were:

  • Tironui Integ Meg – nominated by Murray & Janet Gibb
  • Kevilor Sameen – nominated by Barry Montgomery
  • Oaklea Golden Faith – nominated by Don Shaw
  • Cardrona Fjord Bethany – nominated by Peter Allison
  • Big Hollow Omens Beauty – nominated by Barry Montgomery

Members nominated registered cows, alive or dead, for a variety of reasons including indexes; outstanding progeny; high production; On Farm results; show results; great cow families; and any other accomplishments worthy of consideration.

JerseyNZ is delighted to announce that the 2024 inductees into the JerseyNZ Hall of fame are:

Kevilor Sameen – nominated by Barry Montgomery

At the Big Hollow Annual Sale in late May of 1956, a yearling bull by the name of Big Hollow Blue Sam was purchased by the Mossop family of Waharoa, stud-masters of the well known Tarnhowe Stud.

The meagre purchase price of fifty guineas proved to be the greatest investment the Mossop family ever made.

Big Hollow Blue Sam went on to leave a legacy of outstanding cattle, that established Tarnhowe as a top breed nursery for many decades.

The dam of this bull was an Abbeville Good Omen daughter, by the name of Kevilor Sameen VHC, CP, SD, Elite Merit. His sire was Big Hollow Blue Peter, a son of the outstanding cow in Big Hollow Omen’s Beauty and sired by Glamorgan Sonny Boy.

With the passage of time and the knowledge we now have of the breeding power of his dam and paternal granddam, Big Hollow Blue Sam’s success was assured.

Kevilor Sameen’s dam, Abbeville Dinah’s Elsie VHC, had been sold at the 1949 Big Hollow Annual Sale for the sale’s top price. Purchased by Mr E K Hames of the Paparoa-Ruawai area, neighboring the Matakohe, Big Hollow Stud of Mr Ned Sterling, she was in-calf to Abbeville Good Omen. When Mr Sterling saw the resultant heifer, he immediately set his mind on purchasing her. Of pure Big Hollow breeding, this is the reason she carries the Kevilor prefix of Mr E K Hames.

The Big Hollow Studmaster considered Kevilor Sameen and Big Hollow Omen’s Beauty as the two best uddered and his favourite daughters of Abbeville Good Omen.

Kevilor Sameen very quickly established herself as an outstanding brood cow.

She produced four Merit Sire Sons:

Big Hollow Blue Sam – Merit Sire at Tarnhowe

Big Hollow Superior Sam – Merit Sire, by Glenmore Achievement at A Thompson – Stratford

Big Hollow Regal Sam – Merit Sire, by Big Hollow Regal Hermitage – son of big Hollow Omen’s Beauty

Big Hollow Dreaming Major – Merit Sire at Big Hollow

Big Hollow Gold Sam sold to Mr Don McIntosh ‘Whariti’ Jerseys Woodville

She was dam to two Excellent classified daughters:

Big Hollow Royal Dinah Excellent

Big Hollow Stylish Sue Excellent, CP

Both of these daughters provided outstanding sons to the Jersey breed.

At the 1967 Big Hollow Dispersal Sale, in the auctioneers footnote to Big Hollow Dreaming Major there was written, and I quote;

“Dreaming Major is perhaps the greatest breeding bull ever used in the stud, his daughters being ideal dairy cows of lovely type and have very good udders and teat placement, while his sons give every indication of breeding particularily well. His dam Kevilor Sameen has proved to be a ‘wonder’ cow and without doubt, one of the greatest influences for good in the Jersey Breed at the present time” end of quote.

The reference in the above quote to the impending impact Big Hollow Dreaming Major’s son’s could have on the breed proved well founded. Many went on to achieve great impact in the herds they served.
One I had first hand knowledge of was Big Hollow Bohemian. From the Big Hollow Omen’s Bell family [Omen’s Beauty’s full sister] he bred superbly at Rivermere, Primley and Grandeur studs with many of his sons carrying this powerful blood to jersey herds all over the country.

The influence this one cow, Kevilor Sameen had for the betterment of the jersey breed for at least two decades or longer was at the time, unparalled in this country.

One wonders what she might have achieved, had her breeder, had the access to modern embryo and flushing technology.

Her impact on the Big Hollow stud itself, allowed this breed nursery to maintain and continue it’s value to the Jersey national herd for many years, after it’s dispersal.

Cardrona Fjord Bethany – nominated by Peter Allison

Bethany is the “B” family Matriarch at Bonacord, leaving elite type, production and extreme index progeny in our herd and the AI industry. Best production at 11 years, 7082 litres, 698 kg ms. Won two Otago all Breeds Dairy Cow Championship (points at 3 shows) at 10 + 11 Years Reserve Champion South Island Jersey at Otago/Taieri show plus a lot of Type and Production awards, breed and all breeds awards as well over the years. It is as a breeding cow she excells. 7 Daughters, 5 Sons (No ET work). Her fourth generation son, 323041 BITRAIC BW 482 is the latest of nine in a line of AI Bulls from this family, 202 – NEW ET 2023 3rd Generation BW 372/54, PW 379/87.

Update on progeny of Bethany current indexes as at 1/2/24. Some cows were over on other page, different indexes at different time 30/11/21.

701 – 2nd Generation – BW 465/70, PW 737/90

703 – 3rd Generation – BW 516/64, PW 656/71

11 – 2nd Generation (9yrs) – BW 475/65, PW 759/91

21 – 3rd Generation – BW 465/64, PW 499/90

8 – 4th Generation – BW 473/61, PW 728/70

502 – 3rd Generation – BW 501/64, PW 645/86

307 – 3rd Generation – BW 423/47, PW 768/84, Classified 9.82 years

500 – 1st Generation – BW 489, PW 600/90

76 – 4th Generation – BW 528/50, PW 811/54 2 Years

Only some of cows there are plenty more

23 Born Calves

23-58 – 5th Generation – BW 462, PW 410

23-57 – 5th Generation – BW 508, PW 448

23-56 – 5th Generation – BW 414, PW 369

23-55 – 4th Generation – BW 454, PW 393

These are only some of 2023 Calves

Bonacord CM Bojangles 32009 BW 456/90

Dried as a young sire at LIC must have had enough daughters for survey.

New Sire – Bonacord Brisbane Barric – 323041 BW 482

The indexes just keep on keeping on, this coming season there will be more 3th Gen calves arrived, the next season there will be 6th Generation calves, cant wait, they are just so reliable.

BW 150/49, PW 10/76, Ancestry 98% Herd figures 580-600 cows.

50% Jersey, 50% Ayrshire and Crosses = Production AV 450 – 470 KgsMS.

So this Jersey Family are extreme, indexes and productions a great, great family, the day I brought Bethany was a red letter day – at Bonacord

Inducted into the Hall of Fame 2023:

Ferdon Follys Viyella

Glenui Integrity Lace ET

Hall of Fame 2022:

Okura Admirals Iris

Glanton Mans Blanche

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