Do you have that special heifer in your herd or reckon that you can pick a ‘good one’? Then why not enter her into the Ian Harris Memorial Heifer competition!

  • The competition is open to all youth aged between 8-35 years of age.
  • There are two categories, Junior (8-17), and Senior (18-35)
  • Entrants must be a member of the society OR associated with a member who retains a Senior or Associate membership with Jersey NZ. (e.g. family member or employer)
  • Entrants can nominate 1 animal only.
  • Competition is open to any in milk 2yr old (J14 and above) born between 1st January & 31 December 2020 due to calf in Spring 2022

Points will be awarded for production, T.O.P scores and fertility. Scoring is as follows:


  • Points are based on the difference between the animals LW and average LW of the herd’s two year old group.
  • 0.2 points will be awarded per LW point difference up to a maximum of 50 points. e.g. if the herd average LW is 153 and the animal LW is 264 there is a difference of 111, which equals 22.2 points


  • Points are awarded for the animal’s expected calving date for 2022 relative to the herd’s planned
    start of calving
  • If an animal is due to calve on the PSC then the animal gets the maximum 50 points.
  • 0.55 points are deducted for each day after the PSC that the animal is due to calve.

Traits other than Production (TOP):

  • Points are based on T.O.P scores
  • Single direction Traits (RW, US, C, FU, RU) actual points 1-9
  • Two way traits (RA, L, FT, RT) 5 = 10 points, 4 & 6 = 9 points, 3 & 7 = 7 points, 2 & 8 = 4points, 1 & 9 = 0

Animals need to be nominated by 19 August 2022

To view last year’s results visit: https://www.jersey.org.nz/competitions/ian-harris-memorial-heifer-competition2022

Form Download: https://www.jersey.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Ian-Harris-Entry-Form-2022.pdf

Online Form Below:

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