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Registration Policy


Why should I register?

Registering your animals with Jersey New Zealand has always been an important part of our Association and your business.
The many benefits of registering your herd include:

  • On average, a registered herd sells $200-$800 above similar herds. Registered cattle give more options for how they can be marketed.
  • Registration is a prerequisite for successful bulls in the genetics industry. Most AB companies require young Jersey bulls to be registered in the Jersey Herd Book.
  • Higher genetics bulls sold as service sires often attract a premium when registered.

Registration: name updates to be applied on all females where names are added manually in BreedIT)


Registration Fees (effective 1 September 2022)


First 100 females <1 year of age $8.00 + GST per animal

Over 100 females <1 year of age $4.00 + GST per animal

Jersey Future Progeny $4.00 + GST per animal

Females >1 year of age $18.00 + GST per animal


Male Registrations < 1 year $20.00 + GST per animal

Male Registrations >1 year $60.00 + GST per animal


Manual update of registered names post registration $1.00 + GST per animal

How to register

You can register your animals by contacting us with the relevant registration information or use the online form at the bottom of the page.

Click here for more information. We also recommend all members that register to join our Standing Order system. Having a registration standing order with Jersey NZ provides you with an automated and streamlined process for registration seasons; allowing for added flexibility and preference selection for your convenience.

The first step involves filling out and returning your standing order form indicating your preferences and in which month you will want the process to be initiated. From then on, annually, we will supply you with a report and letter outlining your registration options. Your registrations will then be completed according to the information reported to you and the inclusion/exclusion of animals according to the feedback received in the office from you.

Click here to download your standing order form.

To register your Jersey animals you need to be a financial member of Jersey NZ.

The standing order process:

The standing order process is available to all members who register their Jersey animals. Having a standing order with us provides you with an automated and streamlined process for your registrations, allowing for flexibility and preference selection; prompted by us for your convenience.

  • You select which month you wish your registration process to start.
  • At the beginning of that month you will receive a What If? Report detailing the heifers in your herd that are eligible for registration, and at what status.
  • You are then given one calendar month to name the animals and advise of any additions or exclusions (including Bull calves) to the animals listed (or withdraw for that season).
  • Once you have provided confirmation that naming is complete and of any changes your registrations will be processed accordingly.
  • If nothing is heard from the member, we process at the completion of the one month timeframe.
  • If nothing is heard from you, we process the registrations as per your standing order requirements at the completion of the one month timeframe.

Bulls are not part of this programme. They must be advised to the office and registered individually. For bull registration prices, please see the pricing schedule in Other Services – Semen Fee Buy-0ut & Bull Registrations

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For the online Standing Order Application form click here

New Member? Jersey Plus Registrations

What is Jersey Plus

Are you a new member looking to get your herd registered? Then consider registering your herd through our Jersey Plus programme.

The offer is available to all new members who register their herd before 31 August of the year they join (i.e. for the next Herd Book).

This programme applies to you if you:

  • Are a new member with or without a registered Studname/Prefix
  • Use the automated ‘Turn Your Herd On’ option to register all current females J12 & over in your herd
  • Use either the MINDA naming system (see Naming your Animals) or the default naming system and sign up to the annual standing order programme.
  • Sign up to the standing order system to register your calves annually.

Prices will be as follows:

First 100 females $8.00 + GST per animal
Over 100 females $4.00 + GST per animal

With additional discounts for larger groups as follows: (discount to apply to total account)

200 – 300 females registered additional 10% discount
301 – 400 females registered additional 15% discount
401 – 500 females registered additional 20% discount
501 + females registered additional 25% discount

That is a saving of AT LEAST $10.00 PER ANIMAL on any female animal over one year of age.

Call (07) 856 0731 or e-mail info@jersey.org.nz in order to find out how to register your Jerseys and other registration options that may work best for your requirements. This offer does not apply to bull registrations, these must be processed individually.

Naming your animals:

There are three standard ways that you can ensure your animals are named correctly when registrations are processed:

  • Default naming: the automated e-registration programme that provides a default name for your animals during registration, by using your herd prefix (stud name) and the birth identity of the animal. e.g Jersey 16-72. This applies where a name has not been entered.
  • MINDA naming: entering the names you want for your animals on-line using MINDA. For more details on how to name your animals this way call MINDA (0800 264 632). Please notify the office once naming is complete in order to finalise registrations.
  • Manual naming: providing the office with the names of your animals to be entered manually. e.g fax, E-mail, AER form, herd profile, computer listing. These lists must include a list of birth I.Ds and the associated names. Please note that there is an added cost for this service.

Helpful hints:

If you name your animals on MINDA, please consider the following:

  • Names are limited to 25 characters including prefix (stud name), spaces and suffix.
  • You must enter your prefix (stud name) in full, correctly spelt, before the given name.
  • Do not add the suffix (e.g. S1J) to the name; this will be done automatically on registration.
  • Put a gap between your prefix (stud name) and the rest of the name. If you do not (or spell your prefix incorrectly) the programme will default the name as it will not recognise your prefix.
  • Female ET animals will be automatically named with ‘ET’ (included in the 25 character spaces).
  • If an identical name (previously used) is repeated, the default name will be automatically applied and will need to be changed manually via the office.
  • Ensure you type the names out in capitols (if these go through programme in lower case the names will revert back to the default name).

Multiple prefixes and animal selections:

If any of the following affects your herd then you need to advise the office before your registrations are processed and we will work through them accordingly.

  • Animals that are no longer at your location and still wish them to be registered e.g sold animals
  • Animals that you wish to register in your location with different participant codes e.g purchased animals
  • Animals in your location that do not belong to you e.g shared location
  • Animals that require a prefix (stud name) that is not your own e.g a family member’s animals
  • Animals named via CRV Ambreed herd recording; MISTRO

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