Murray Harnett Junior Judging Competition

Murray Harnett Junior Judging Competition</h3

Held annually at the NZ Dairy Event in late January, this Young Judge Competition is open for Jersey NZ members up to 30 years of age. The first two placegetters each year will go on to represent Jersey NZ in the World Wide Sires All Breeds Young Judge competition.

Expression of interest are called for in December annually.

  • 2021/2022

    The Jersey Young Judge Competition for the Murray Harnett Challenge will take place at NZ Dairy Event on Wednesday 27 January 2021.  Entry is open to members under 30 years of age or under as at 1 October.  First and second placegetters will be eligible to compete in the World Wide Sires All Breeds Young Judge competition later the same day, and are expected to make themselves available to represent Jersey NZ.  Previous winners of the All Breeds competition cannot enter.

    This competition must have a minimum of three entries to be organised and run, this will be your final opportunity to enter.

    Please contact Pam Goodin on pgoodin@jersey.org.nz by Friday 22 January at the latest to enter.

  • 2017/2018

    2017/2018 Winner

    Crystal Scown
    Also winner of the World Wide Sires All Breeds Young Judge Competition

  • 2016/2017

    2016/2017 Winner

    Celine Pirie