Jersey Future Team

A joint programme

Genetic gain is a fundamental driver for the success and sustainability of Jerseys in New Zealand.

Both Jersey NZ and LIC share significant values for our golden cow and together with this programme – Jersey Future, we will deliver unmatched success. This program is yours – every member of Jersey NZ will benefit from the outcomes and we are excited about the opportunity this scheme has to offer our breed. You, our members, already invest significantly in all drivers for genetic gain.

Breeders herds rank at the top of most performance and genetic measures. LIC realise the gain brought about by Jersey NZ member’s passion and investment and want to be part of it.  Jersey NZ are delighted to be working alongside an organisation with the expertise and reputation of LIC.. The David and Goliath competition on the RAS list show Jerseys taking out more positions than any other breed, is testament to the breed and LIC’s significant investment within their Jersey programme.

Below is your 2024 Jersey Future Team

324201 – DQBT-23-166Lynbrook Novak FiordlandDeep Rover Frosty S3J, E2 \ Thornwood Profit Novak-ETLynbrook Farm Ltd
324202 – DQBT-23-55Lynbrook Tikka Glenorchy-PLynbrook Miss Goldie, V2 \
Thornlea Amps Tikka P
Lynbrook Farm Ltd
324203 – BHDQ-23-60Glanton Taonui Boulder-ETGlanton Cobra Beatrix ET, 86 \ Thornwood PKC Taonui ETGlanton Holdings Ltd
324204 – DTJJ-23-28Glenui Orsim Sirprise-ETGlenui Caster Shaleen-ET, 85 \ Maharee AZ OrsimGoreland Partnership
324205 – GMBR-23-436Busy Brook Lamar BushwhackerUpland Park Hoss Bloom, 85 \
Glenui Super Lamar
Henley Farming Company
324206 – GHY-23-295Okura Julian LugerOkura Goldies Lylla, E2 \
Williams Banff Julian
Maharee Farms Ltd
324207 – MGXV-23-18Williams Julian IsaiahWilliams Zambezi Ivy, 87 \
Williams Banff Julian
Totara Dairy Ltd
324209 – DQBT-23-109Lynbrook Definition BrooklynLynbrook Tigger Bowie, 86 \ Caratacus Favour Definition-ETLynbrook Farm Ltd
324210 – BQJN-23-30Hawthorn Bremen HavanaHawthorn Grove Helika JG, 84 \ Glanton KFP Bremen-ETR & J Monk

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  • Annually up to 8 bulls will enter the Jersey Future scheme
  • Members are asked to nominate elite bull calves, born before 10th September, 2023
  • JNZ will accept nominations and pass those nominations onto the Jersey Future selection panel. The selection panel consists of up to three JNZ members and up to two LIC representatives. JNZ and LIC have 50% voting rights
  • LIC will provide BARs and 3GPs for consideration
  • Nominations will be considered for Genomic testing fortnightly from 1st August to 10th September. LIC will genomically test up to 50 member nominated bulls annually.
  • Some members will have elite females represented in LICs breeding scheme and the Jersey Journey project, we see opportunity to bring some of these genetics to the Jersey Future programme also.
  • LIC field assists will contact you to sample bull calves.
  • LIC will inspect Jersey Future selected bull calves and dams as part of their scheduled bull buying round commencing in November.
  • Bulls will be selected by late November. Owners willing to sell a Jersey bull to LIC pursuant to clause 4.6 will be required to enter into a sale and purchase agreement with LIC in a form that is acceptable to LIC in all respects, for the sum of:
    • $4,000 (plus GST) per Jersey bull; or
    • $5,000 (plus GST) per Jersey bull where that Jersey bull has been created by embryo transfer; or
    • $1,000 (plus GST) per Jersey bull plus $0.60 (plus GST if any) per straw of Qualifying Semen and $1.20 (plus GST if any) for sexed semen; or
    • $2,000 (plus GST) per Jersey bull where that Jersey bull has been created by embryo transfer plus $0.60 (plus GST if any) per straw of Qualifying Semen and $1.20 (plus GST if any) for sexed semen, and
    • where LIC has made payment to an Owner pursuant to 4.7(a) or 4.7(b) and where LIC (in its sole discretion) has accepted the Jersey bull under one of its Premier Sires® or Alpha® brands or the Jersey bull is accepted for the sale of semen outside of New Zealand, an additional payment of $10,000 (plus GST if any)

Helpful hints for bull selection

  • We require bulls from strong maternal lines with a minimum three generations of outstanding cows
  • Less than 3 generations of full J16 pedigree will only be accepted with exceptional circumstances
  • Jersey Future provides opportunity to prove some elite diverse genetics – nominations of outcross bulls are encouraged and will be seriously considered for inclusion into the Jersey Future team.
    We emphasise the opportunity for genetic outcross potential within this program

Once bulls are selected:

  • JNZ will graze and manage the bulls until they reach graduation
  • Up to 2000 straws will be collected by LIC
  • LIC and JNZ will promote and market the team

JerseyNZ’s Responsibility

  • JNZ has the responsibility to ensure 70 herd tested daughters in 35 herds from each bull. Incentives will be offered to the owners of Jersey Future sired two year olds ensuring we meet our obligations
  • LIC will market elite graduates in ALPHA nominated and PSS bull teams
  • LIC will pay JNZ agreed Royalties which will cover JNZ costs and any surplus will be invested back into your organisation

In conclusion we encourage you to offer your very best genetics. Our success depends on you.

Please consider Jersey Future with your 2023 mating program.
The resulting offspring have the potential to contribute significantly to our breed.

JerseyNZ acknowledges all those members who have supplied bulls for the Jersey Future programme since its inception in 2017.

BreederAB CodeBull
Agrivest Ltd – M Townshend322208Crescent Vin Mistique
323208Crescent LRT Kassidy-ET
Coombes Farm Ltd No 2317056Coombes Trig Journey ET
Devon Farm – P & J Bish319061Devon Quin Ontime-ET
Ebboni Trust – N Dyson318065Ebboni King Dempsey
Ede Investments Ltd – M & J Gibb 319066Tironui GB Montage-ET
M & J Gibb and L & L Beehre319065Tironui Okura GB Kea-ET
Euan Reeve Ltd321203Norlands PKC Roxton ET
G & R Fleming320202Willand Junction Morale
Glanton Holdings Ltd – R & A Thwaites321206Glanton Punch Baxter ET
323207Glanton CMM Burton
Goreland Partnership – T & L Landers318063Glenui Pepper Shaker
321200Glenui Zambezi Linden ET
323204Glenui Magnify Starsky
R & T Goudie317060Paspalum OI Limelight
GPS 2007 Ltd – G & C Wilson319060Wee Burn Desi Don
320203Wee Burn Misty Donny
Huzzif Farms Ltd – B & M Huzziff318064Foxton Zaga Classified-ET
Just Jerseys Ltd – N & J Riddell320200Thornlea Misty Topshot ET
Kowhai Properties Ltd – L & L Beehre322202Okura Titus Kowhai
Little River Jerseys Ltd – M & A Brewster317061Little River Trident S3J
Lynbrook Farm Ltd – S & N Ireland317055Lynbrook Index Turbine ET
318062Lynbrook Zaga Tasman
321202Lynbrook Gold Duntroon ET
322200Lynbrook Popeye Tailormade
322205Lynbrook Trigg Bravado
323205Lynbrook TBM Trilogy-P
323206Lynbrook TN Te Anau
Maharee Farms Ltd – B & S White323202Maharee Bas Kaiden
323203Maharee Laz Forrest
Megaw Family Trust – C & L Megaw317054Linan Speed Zane ET
R & J Monk321204Hawthorn Grove GH Oganeev
Muzzal Farms Ltd – M Green & S Upton320206Emerald Ricks Base
M C & C L Newsome Ltd318067Caratacus Zaga Django-ET
M A & L Pedley319062Kaimatarau Kingpin Port
320205Kaimatarau LW Profit
PJ AG Ltd – P Brewster318066Little River OI Samurai
D & F Post321205Posterity Banff Desire
Riverina Jerseys Ltd – W & L Berry317057Riverina Hillbilly ET S3J
Roma Farm Ltd – B & M Morris317059Roma Terrific Prince
Thornwood Family Trust – S & M Good322206Thornwood Titus Vulcan
K A Tosland319064Kelland Triple Rockstar
321201Kelland Con Ramsey
Totara Dairy Ltd – M Williams322204Williams Faithful Lemo-ET
323200Williams Banff Sunstance
323201Williams Brisbane Frenzy
Upland Park Jerseys Ltd – A & N Walford320204Upland Park Cem Bruce ET
G & C Vowles322203Two View Odin