JerseyNZ Governance Development Programme

JerseyNZ maintains a number of programmes for youth members.

Governance Training, Strategic Planning, Collaboration and Networking opportunities. The JerseyNZ Governance Development Programme includes a group of emerging industry leaders who work independently and alongside the JerseyNZ Youth Committee to ensure that youth matters remain applicable and relatable to those young farmers, and emerging farmers in the dairy industry. If you would like to be a member of this integral part of ensuring that the interests of young farmers are at the forefront of JerseyNZ, then we want to hear from you. Applications for the JerseyNZ Governance Development Programme are open now.

Members of the JerseyNZ Governance Development Programme:

  • Sara Russell
  • Megan Thomas
  • Wayne Hofmann
  • Abbey Stantiall
    • Provide an avenue for succession planning for the JerseyNZ Board
    • Train those who wished to apply for roles on industry boards
    • Formulate a Strategic Plan for the Youth

    Participants are expected to commit to the following:

      • Attend four Face-to-face day meetings and one evening zoom meeting per year with dates determined at the beginning of the year
      • Each day meeting will be 10am – 2pm with the first two hours dedicated to training followed by lunch and a meeting
      • Participants will attend either the JerseyNZ Conference (in part or all) or the AGM
      • Participants will be expected to become an associate member of JerseyNZ if not already a member
    • Governance – What is it?
    • Strategic Planning – What’s our Why?
    • Board Diversity – What does that mean?
    • Essential Policies and their legal requirements eg health and safety
    • Board Protocols – What are your responsibilities as a Director?
    • Financial Understanding
    • Risk Management
      • If you are interested in applying for a position on the Governance Development Programme fill out the Application Form below

    FINAL Application for JNZ Governance Development Programme