Link Livestock Ltd is a Limited Liability Company wholly owned and managed by Jersey NZ.

If you have cattle, semen or embryos that you would like to buy or sell please contact:

Nigel Riddell
General Manager
M: 0274 343 153
E:  nriddell@linklivestock.co.nz

Ross Riddell
Sales Agent
M: 027 211 1112
E:  rriddell@linklivestock.co.nz

Grant Aiken
Sales Agent
M: 027 245 8821
E:  grantw.aiken@gmail.com

Liam Simmons
Sales Agent
M: 027 883 0088
E: lsimmons@linklivestock.co.nz

For general enquiries, email info@linklivestock.co.nz.

All Breeds Dairy Bull Sale Fri, 11 Sep 2020

If you’re looking for quality breeding bulls for this spring, we have a great opportunity for you. Link Livestock All Breeds Dairy bull sale on bidr, Monday 14th at 7pm direct to your home. Featuring 40 top quality yearling and two year bulls representing Jersey, Holstein Freisian, Ayrshire and Kiwi Cross. Many of the top studs in NZ are represented featuring top female families and BW’s…

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LLL Announcement Fri, 14 Aug 2020

Link Livestock Ltd are pleased to announce their new appointment. Nigel Riddell will join the team…

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