Jersey NZ have collaborated with Joshua from Real Experience to offer a one of a kind opportunity for all Jersey NZ Members.

We’re talking about a full length video and Jersey Focus article to advertise your Stud name. Whether you have an upcoming sale and want thousands of people to know about it, or you simply want to make your Stud name prominent, then this opportunity is what you want.

How it works: After developing a feature length video all about you, your family, and STUD, we then release it over Facebook in sync with the Jersey FOCUS magazine. A month later your story is then put up on our website and once again shared through our social media.

What does Jersey NZ get out of it?
Content. We enjoy hearing your stories and loathe the thought of sharing them at this scale. That is why 100% of the cost is put towards marketing your business.

We guarantee a minimum reach of 10,000 people. Ten thousand watching your story.

Currently there are two options available:

Breeders Option – $2000 + Travel

  • Full length video with a guaranteed reach of 10,000 people.
  • Full length Jersey Focus article.
  • Featured article on our Website and shared through social media.

Sponsored Option – $3000 + Travel

Have a good relationship with a local brand that you’re using on farm? Let us know, and we can try arrange a sponsored video.

  • Everything included above + their brand being incorporated and featuring in both the Video, Article, and Website Article.

Get in touch today, to kick start your businesses marketing:

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