Jersey Focus

The peak of all Jersey publications. The Jersey Focus. Printed bi-annually every June and November, packed to the brim with Jersey content. We love to piece together articles revolving around our breeders, the dairy industry, updates and reminders, industry collaboration and much more.

2023 Jersey Focus Sample (June issue)

The Jersey Focus is included with any JerseyNZ Membership. Non-members prices are as follows:

Non-member $60.00 + gst per annum.

For international subscriptions $100.00 + gst

Members and industry related businesses have the opportunity to place advertisements in the Jersey Focus. For more information on the possibilities contact sbresnahan@jersey.org.nz. These ads are an effective way to present yourself in front of the entire JerseyNZ membership at a fraction of the cost anywhere else.

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Herd Book

Printed annually, the Jersey NZ Herd Book includes:

  • List of Pedigree and Supplementary Jersey animals
  • List of Honorary Life Members
  • Pedigree Members
  • Registered Prefix List
  • Overseas Bulls registered during that year
  • List of Jersey Cross animals

The Herd Book is the collection of the services we offer at Jersey NZ. Each registered Jersey animal gets recorded and listed into the Jersey Herd Book. Perfect for keeping a record of Jersey population and other Jersey breeders.

Available to our Members for purchase separately at $40.00

Production Register

The place to find high quality Jersey animals is the Production Register. This register is a collection of all registered in milk animals, their production statistics and their Traits Other Than Production scores.

Also printed annually, the Production Register is available to our Members for purchase separately at $45.00

Jersey NZ Newsletter

At Jersey NZ we endeavour to keep all members up to date with what’s going on, not only in our organisation but also in the industry.

To keep our Members refreshed, we release our Newsletter Bi-monthly. All Members have the option to receive this by email or post, however we encourage you to sign up via email in the effort to reduce Jersey NZ’s paper waste.

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Annual Report

The #1 goal for Jersey NZ is to see the Jersey Cow population grow in New Zealand. We view your Membership as an investment into achieving that goal. With all investments, you want to know what’s going on right?

That is why we make our Annual Report available to all Members and anyone interested in becoming a member.

The Annual Report lets you dive into the structure of our Organisation.
The last 4 Annual Reports are available below:

2018 to 2019 Annual Report 2017 to 2018 Annual Report 2016 to 2017 Annual Report 2015 to 2016 Annual Report