Judged on-farm, this year’s Competition will see Luke Gilbert travel across the countryside in early December to view the Jerseys put forward by members of all herd sizes. At the conclusion of judging, the results are analysed by the JerseyNZ office, regional results announced before Christmas and the national results by the end of January 2024.  Presentations will be made at the JerseyNZ Annual Conference 2024.

Enter for a chance to WIN (Semex product vouchers):

  • Regional team winners receive $100 for first place
  • National team winners receive $200 for first, $150 for second
  • National conformation winners receive $300 for first, $150 for second (in each class).
  • Overall National Supreme Conformation winner receives $500
  • Overall National Supreme Semex Cow winner receives $500

For the team competition, members will be advised by e-mail of the cutoff 10% for BW and PW following the AE run on 14 October.

JerseyNZ is very fortunate to have the continued support of Semex New Zealand as a major sponsor. 
The JerseyNZ Youth Council also sponsor $100 for the highest placed animal in each age group class with an owner aged 30 or less.

Below are the full results for the 2022/23 Semex National Jersey On Farm Challenge.

National Awards were presented at the 2023 Annual Conference in Invercargill.

Highest Semex Conformation Winner

Leithlea Charlie Fava – Leithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
POINTS: 96.00

Supreme Conformation Winner

Leithlea Villian Gilda – Leithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
POINTS: 98.00


2 YO Class – Glenalla Balin Ginny – Glenalla Farm Ltd – M Gilbert
3 YO Class – Glenalla VIP Freyja – Glenalla Farm Ltd – M Gilbert
4&5 YO Class – Lindale Imps Milou S0J – Shaydoc Limited – Shane Caird
6&7 YO Class – Somerset OT Leader – Belbrook Farming Ltd – J & R Wakelin
8&9 YO Class – Willow Downs Sult Jasper – Shaydoc Limited – Shane Caird
10+ YO Class – Glenalla Deans Tendo – Glenalla Farm Ltd – M Gilbert

National Results

2 YO Class1st Ferdon Tfern ShareeFerdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson
2nd Leithlea Charles GildaLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
3rd Glenalla Balin GinnyGlenalla Farm Ltd – M Gilbert
4th Glenalla Victor WendySnowfed Farm Ltd – N Gilbert
5th Leithlea Sunee SpangleLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
6th Leithlea Casino JenaLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
3 YO Class1st Glenalla Casino NicoleSnowfed Farm Ltd – N Gilbert
2nd Leithlea Oliver P EsmeLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
3rd Lynbrook Superman OliviaLynbrook Farm Ltd – S & N Ireland
4th Thornlea Misty ShakiraJust Jerseys Ltd – N & J Riddell
5th Fynreath Joel Duchess ETS F & H J Fowlie
6th Glenalla VIP FreyjaGlenalla Farm Ltd – M Gilbert
4&5 YO Class1st Leithlea Villian GildaLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
2nd A’Charnaich Valentino 10The MacDonald Family Trust
3rd Ferdon Tequila CaramelFerdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson
4th Glenalla Monty Francy S3JSnowfed Farm Ltd – N Gilbert
5th Denson Dale Vans VestryGreenacres (Kereone) Ltd – Brad Pickett
6th Leithlea Val SpangleLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
6&7 YO Class1st Willowhaugh Tbone HoneyI M & C A Jordan
2nd Ferdon Apple VickieFerdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson
3rd Leithlea Charlie FavaLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
4th Glenalla Deans Alexis RRSnowfed Farm Ltd – N Gilbert
5th Thornlea Steins ShebaJust Jerseys Ltd – N & J Riddell
6th Leithlea Valentino EsmeLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
8&9 YO Class1st Leithlea Tequila ShebaLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
2nd Leithlea Charlie AngelLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
3rd Denson Dale Tbone VestryGreenacres (Kereone) Ltd – Brad Pickett
4th Ferdon Legal LadyFerdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson
5th Premier SCD Synergy 5 ET S0JPremier Cattle Company Ltd – D & C Hayward
6th Maxwelton Nova Gypsy ETGayley Woods Farm Ltd – G & M Wallace
10+ YO Class1st Glenalla Sultans EkkaSnowfed Farm Ltd – N Gilbert
2nd Glenalla Deans TendoGlenalla Farm Ltd – M Gilbert
3rd Ferdon B Stone RoseFerdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson
4th Leithlea Gannon Sun S2JLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
5th Ferdon Legacy FalineFerdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson
6th Riverina Ozark EttaRiverina Jerseys Ltd – W & L Berry
National Team1st Just Jerseys Ltd – N & J Riddell
2nd P & S Ingram
3rd Thornwood Family Trust
4th R E & J C Gibson
5th J M & K L Sneddon Partnership
6th Riverina Jerseys – W & L Berry