World Jersey Cattle Conference 2024

The World Jersey Cattle Conference 2024 will be held in Denmark from 16 June to 22 June. Meet your Jersey colleagues from all over the world and get valuable insights into Danish farming and milk production.

To Register please visit: event IT | VikingDanmark

Registrations close on Friday 1 March 2024

2023 European Jersey Forum in The Netherlands

  1. Do we use the right key indicators for Jerseys?              http://www.worldjerseycattle.com/download/6bafaa6e-a22a-11ee-a3bf-f3b91e2c31ac/
  2. Jersey cows are not to be managed as mini Holsteins              http://www.worldjerseycattle.com/download/81bac42e-a22a-11ee-81ed-212f5a1e202f/
  3. Taking care of Jersey calves                                                http://www.worldjerseycattle.com/download/93c89a07-a22a-11ee-a432-338e0d6965d8/