World Wide Sires Jersey Photo Competition 2024

World Wide Sires is proud to be associated with JerseyNZ by sponsoring this photo competition.
The competition has been established for two main reasons:

  1. JerseyNZ is establishing a library of good photographs of New Zealand Jerseys to be used
    nationally but more importantly as a resource for showcasing New Zealand Jerseys to the many
    enquiries it receives from throughout the world. Jersey NZ would especially like to encourage
    members to take good photographs of daughters of widely used AB bulls, as these are the
    photographs most sought by overseas interests. Photographs of other sires’ progeny are also
  2. To give members the opportunity to promote their own animals by taking part in the competition
    and to create a valuable resource to promote and advertise their studs.

The photo competition has five main categories as follows:

Class A: Haltered 2 year inmilk
Class B: Haltered 3 year inmilk
Class C: Haltered 4 & 5 year old inmilk
Class D: Haltered 6 year & older inmilk
Class E: Haltered yearling
Class F: Haltered calf
Class G: Jersey Herd Scene
Class H: 2 & 3 year old unhaltered inmilk
Class I: 4 year & older unhaltered inmilk
Class J: Junior Member Herd Scene
Class K: Junior Member Class (formal & informal)

See Below for Rules:

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World Wide Sires Photo Competition 2023 Results

CLASS A – Haltered 2 Year Old In-milk

CLASS B – Haltered 3 Year Old In-milk

CLASS C – Haltered 4 & 5 Year Old In-milk

Class D – Haltered 6 Year Old In-milk

Class E – Haltered Yearling

Class F – Haltered Calf

Class G – Herd Scene

Class H – 2 & 3 Year Old Unhaltered In milk

Class I – 4 Year and Older Unhaltered

Class J – Junior member herd scene

Class K – Junior Member Class (Formal & Informal)

Check back daily for more results…