Jersey NZ is pleased to announce the addition of the following trophies and awards following a review by the Board.  These are all existing trophies that have been in abeyance, and in some cases the criteria has been updated to suit modern practice.  Unless stated, these will be presented at the upcoming Awards night at the Annual Conference in Whangarei.  As with all trophies, the actual trophy will remain in the Jersey NZ office, and a certificate including a photo of the trophy will be presented.  Youth award recipients will also receive a mini trophy.
Nominations are now called for the West Lynn Trophy for the leading lifetime producer.  Check out the criteria below and phone or e-mail the birth identification of your nominations to the Jersey NZ office by Friday 25 May 2018.  We will then order the Three Generation Pedigree at your expense.
Jubilee Trophy bowls – Supreme production awards       

To be presented to top milksolids herd by herd size
Presidents section                           20-150 cows                      
Council section                                151-300 cows
Breeder section                               301- 500 cows
Pioneers section                              501 + cows
JNZ Production Award trophy                   
To be presented to the top milksolids cow
KA Bennett Memorial Trophy                    
To be presented to the top milksolids cow, 10 years and over
Mitchell Challenge Trophy Plate              
To be presented to the highest BW cow                                                                                
West Lynn Trophy – for leading living lifetime producer
Provided via nomination with 3GP included annually. 
Only for cows that have completed a lactation in the season relating to the award (e.g. season 2016/17 for award in 2018), are registered, J16 and owned by a Jersey NZ member.
Top 10 to be included in the Jersey Focus
CRITERIA: All Production awards are to be based on the Production Suite criteria, commencing 2016/17 season (presented in 2018)

Herd Awards
minimum 4 herd tests,
minimum 100 DIM
registered cows only      
Individual Cow Awards
minimum 4 herd tests,
minimum 100 DIM
registered J16 cows owned by members only
Cyril Dermer Cup – in recognition of outstanding services to the breed and the association
Nominated & presented by the Jersey NZ Board for activities over the preceeding 12 months
NZJCBA Youth Camp for greatest contribution  
Highest placed Jersey NZ member at the National All Breeds Dairy Camp. 
Arahina Cup – Futurity Stakes                   
Highest placed Jersey in the two year old class at NZ Dairy Event Futurity class purchased through the ‘Next Generation’ Sale. 
To be awarded in 2019.
Yvonnes Challenge trophy for junior stockperson
Accumulated points in young handler classes only with Jersey stock, member under 30 (with card similar to other youth trophies)
To be awarded in 2019.
Fauvel Trophy – production & type competition
Team trophy for Semex Jersey On-Farm Competition. 
NZJCBA North Island Jersey Championship         
North Island Champion Cow
O W McAloon Harmony Cup                                      
South Island Champion Cow