Jerseyland Farms – November 2021

Current herd numbers: 578
Calves reared: 145

The herd is milked in two mobs – a jersey mob and a Friesian mob.

Average pasture cover end October 2652 kgDM/ha

Current Production
Season to date: 73,316 kgMS down 5%
Month to date: 13,844 kgMS up 7%
On a per cow basis 1.91 kgMS/cow end October

18 hectares shut for silage – will mean no silage will need to be purchased off-farm. Crops and new pasture is underway

We have had a BVD positive bulk milk test, so have bought the second herd test forward to find the positive PI cow.
AB started on 28 October. Jersey Future Sires and LIC Premier Sires used. 5-6 weeks AB planned, then bulls.
Somatic Cell Count was an issue last season – this year, while still at 161, it’s down from 241. Will use herd test to target a level below 150.
Next steps – Purchase of in-calf heifers and sale of some calves to replace with jerseys.