Jerseyland Farms – December

Current cow numbers: 581
Bulls for mating: 15

Production: To 15 December 103,255kgMS – 4% behind last season. November finished 2% above last year.

Pasture Cover: 2320 kgDM/ha
Rotation length: 25 days
Growth rate 48 kgDM/ha/day.

237 bales of silage made on-farm, with another 10 hectares to be cut early December. Last year all silage was purchased off farm.

66 Friesian calves were sold early December – these have been replaced with 60 jersey calves. Jersey in-calf heifers will be purchased when a suitable line/lines are found.

The BVD positive cow was found as a result of the herd test – and has been culled.

AB has finished – with Jersey Future and Premier Sires Daughter proven jersey sires used.

Cultivation for next winters crops and for new grass is underway.