Standing Order Form

  • Standing Order Application

  • – Standing orders for e-registration apply only to animals born in the preceding season. All other registrations must be dealt with individually. – A “what if” report from e-registration will be created based on the following parameters, specified by the member. This will be sent to the member with the following: 1. A reminder to make sure that all calves are named on MINDA. 2. Details of any sire queries. 3. A reply portion to confirm the animals to be registered. This will include the ability to exclude any animal and to include male animals individually.

  • – On receipt an invoice will be generated and sent to the member. NB: As entries for the Herd Book close on 31 August annually, it is suggested that the standing order process should be no later than May. For heifers to be eligible for JerseyGenome™ consideration standing orders are to be started in January.