Jersey Team – Semex National Result

Below are the results for the Jersey Team class from the 2020 Semex National Jersey On Farm challenge.

Congratulations to every one that took part in the competition and a special thanks to Semex NZ for the continued sponsorship + the 2020 judge Richard Adam – Carnmor Jerseys for taking the time to travel across our country side.

More results will be released over the next week. Keep an eye on our articles section, Facebook, and Instagram.

Remember awards for National 1st, 2nd and Youth winners will be awarded at this years Annual Conference.

6th Place

Cinagro Jerseys – N J Moffitt Trust

Cinagro Integ’s Damsella3
Cinagro Kings Angel3
Cinagro Zellos Emma S1J3
Roscliff LT Daph6
Pukeroa Gunns Damsella7
Cinagro Terrific Luck S3J3

5th Place

Philsan Jerseys – P & S Ingram

Philsan Degree Raphael5
Philsan Kash Katya5
Philsan Murmur Durwelle9
Philsan Murmur Durena7
Philsan Terrific Wandee5
Philsan Index Betula3
Philsan Integrity Idelle4

4th Place

Merrifields Jerseys – R & J Gibson

Paspalum FLD Kiltie 203
Merrifields Bounty Charm3
Okura KS Hadley4
Kokofu Paulette S3J6
Kokofu Speedway Yorker5
Merrifields Alex Esta5
Paspalum OGI Alex 652

3rd Place

Lynbrook Jerseys – Lynbrook Farm Ltd – S & N Ireland

Lynbrook Star Trick2
Lynbrook Mighty Spades ET3
Lynbrook Terrific 16-584
Lynbrook OI Treat ET3
Lynbrook Connack Bowie4
Glen Leith Terrific Ola5
Lynbrook AND Dream ET5

2nd Place

Crescent Jerseys – Crescent Genetics 2020 Ltd – M & D Townshend

Crescent Terrific Delta4
Crescent OLM Diamond ET9
Crescent Bounty Dai ET4
Crescent Quadboy Delta7
Crescent LT Fliss5
Crescent Skippy Mel6

1st Place

Upland Park Jerseys – Upland Park Jerseys Ltd – A & N Walford

Paterangi Mans Mamme11
Upland Park Audio Sun5
Upland Park LT Scout6
Upland Park Manz Salome7
Upland Park Bengi Matai2
Upland Park OLI Heath2