Wilsonview IF Matt-ET

MATT has been gaining popularity year on year with New Zealand Jersey breeders and farmers alike – and that’s not surprising considering the accolades he is achieving in Australia.

At the time of writing, MATT is sitting at number 1 on the Australian BPI Proven list at 251 points. He also tops the HWI and TWI indexes confirming that he is the most dominant Jersey bull in Australia, a title he has held for more than 12 months.

The sire owes his origins to breeders Don and Desi Josi of Wilsonview Dairy who are located in Tillamook County, Oregon, one of the most densely populated jersey regions in North America. Tillamook is well known around the world for its cheese products and has been one of the few North American regions where payments from dairy processors, for several decades, have been based on kilograms of milk solids.

The Tillamook climate suits Jerseys. Heavy rainfall in winter months and cows out on pasture from April to November is the reoccurring theme on dairies across the region.

MATT was born in December 2012, sired by the high type and udder index Valentino son IRWIN, out of Wilsonview Tbone Milestone-ET VG-86. MATT went through the Select Sires’ daughter proving schemes in both the US and Canada.

The following comments from Australian farmers milking first, second and third lactation daughters confirm the status he is earning –

“I have been milking Matt’s for a couple of years now and couldn’t be any happier with them. They are always in the dairy early ready to be milked. Their temperament is exceptional. They have beautiful udders, great frames and produce extremely well in my herd” – Phillip Wallace , Bellambi Jerseys , Nullawarre, Victoria , Australia.

“Our Matt daughters are good dairy cows with super length and deep bodies plus great spring of rib. We are milking Matt’s on their third lactation, and they have the sort of udders that will last forever and excellent temperament is a feature. We are continuing to use him today as much as we can” – Des Parker, Beeac, Victoria, Australia.

MATT’s chart topping +2.7 for Sire Conception Rate coincides with comments in the field around his unique ability to get cows in-calf –

“Balanced cows that have super udders is MATT’s trademark, he continues to sire the kind of cow that dairyman worldwide stop to ask, “Who is she?” – Herby Lutz, Jersey Development Manager, Select Sires Inc.

Competitively priced, World Wide Sires New Zealand wants to get as many MATT daughters in as many herds across the country as possible.

Craig Robertson | Manager of Sales & Marketing

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