2022/23 Semex National On Farm Challenge Results

Below are the full results for the 2022/23 Semex National Jersey On Farm Challenge.

Congratulations to everyone that took part in the competition and a special thanks to Semex NZ for the continued sponsorship, plus our 2022/23 Judge, Barry Montgomery for taking the time to travel across our country side.

National Awards were presented at the 2023 Annual Conference in Invercargill.

Highest Semex Conformation Winner

Leithlea Charlie Fava – Leithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
POINTS: 96.00

Supreme Conformation Winner

Leithlea Villian Gilda – Leithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
POINTS: 98.00


2 YO Class – Glenalla Balin Ginny – Glenalla Farm Ltd – M Gilbert
3 YO Class – Glenalla VIP Freyja – Glenalla Farm Ltd – M Gilbert
4&5 YO Class – Lindale Imps Milou S0J – Shaydoc Limited – Shane Caird
6&7 YO Class – Somerset OT Leader – Belbrook Farming Ltd – J & R Wakelin
8&9 YO Class – Willow Downs Sult Jasper – Shaydoc Limited – Shane Caird
10+ YO Class – Glenalla Deans Tendo – Glenalla Farm Ltd – M Gilbert

National Results

2 YO Class1st Ferdon Tfern ShareeFerdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson
2nd Leithlea Charles GildaLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
3rd Glenalla Balin GinnyGlenalla Farm Ltd – M Gilbert
4th Glenalla Victor WendySnowfed Farm Ltd – N Gilbert
5th Leithlea Sunee SpangleLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
6th Leithlea Casino JenaLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
3 YO Class1st Glenalla Casino NicoleSnowfed Farm Ltd – N Gilbert
2nd Leithlea Oliver P EsmeLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
3rd Lynbrook Superman OliviaLynbrook Farm Ltd – S & N Ireland
4th Thornlea Misty ShakiraJust Jerseys Ltd – N & J Riddell
5th Fynreath Joel Duchess ETS F & H J Fowlie
6th Glenalla VIP FreyjaGlenalla Farm Ltd – M Gilbert
4&5 YO Class1st Leithlea Villian GildaLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
2nd A’Charnaich Valentino 10The MacDonald Family Trust
3rd Ferdon Tequila CaramelFerdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson
4th Glenalla Monty Francy S3JSnowfed Farm Ltd – N Gilbert
5th Denson Dale Vans VestryGreenacres (Kereone) Ltd – Brad Pickett
6th Leithlea Val SpangleLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
6&7 YO Class1st Willowhaugh Tbone HoneyI M & C A Jordan
2nd Ferdon Apple VickieFerdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson
3rd Leithlea Charlie FavaLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
4th Glenalla Deans Alexis RRSnowfed Farm Ltd – N Gilbert
5th Thornlea Steins ShebaJust Jerseys Ltd – N & J Riddell
6th Leithlea Valentino EsmeLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
8&9 YO Class1st Leithlea Tequila ShebaLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
2nd Leithlea Charlie AngelLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
3rd Denson Dale Tbone VestryGreenacres (Kereone) Ltd – Brad Pickett
4th Ferdon Legal LadyFerdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson
5th Premier SCD Synergy 5 ET S0JPremier Cattle Company Ltd – D & C Hayward
6th Maxwelton Nova Gypsy ETGayley Woods Farm Ltd – G & M Wallace
10+ YO Class1st Glenalla Sultans EkkaSnowfed Farm Ltd – N Gilbert
2nd Glenalla Deans TendoGlenalla Farm Ltd – M Gilbert
3rd Ferdon B Stone RoseFerdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson
4th Leithlea Gannon Sun S2JLeithlea Jerseys – T & M Luckin
5th Ferdon Legacy FalineFerdon Genetics – W & M Ferguson
6th Riverina Ozark EttaRiverina Jerseys Ltd – W & L Berry
National Team1st Just Jerseys Ltd – N & J Riddell
2nd P & S Ingram
3rd Thornwood Family Trust
4th R E & J C Gibson
5th J M & K L Sneddon Partnership
6th Riverina Jerseys – W & L Berry