SEMEX – Youth Winners

Almost there!

Youth winners are now out. Have a look at who’s dominating the field when it comes to the Semex On Farm Competition youth entrants.

National Team Winners will be out tomorrow (8 June) and Overall Winners (9 June). A big congratulations to everyone who placed and took part in the competition.

Keep an eye out on the website, email or our Facebook.

National Youth Winners

National Youth Winners are drawn from the entrants that are 30 years or younger based on conformation points.

2 Year Old Class – Glenalla Tbone Goldie – Michael Gilbert

3 Year Old Class – Premier Tequila Sweet S2J – Michael Gilbert

4 and 5 Year Old Class – Glenalla Dons Nemo – Nick Gilbert

6, 7, and 8 Year Old Class – Glenalla Clip Frisky S3J – Michael Gilbert

9 Years and Older Class – Tahau Nestle – Nick Gilbert