SEMEX – 9yrs and older Conformation

Almost there!

Results for the Semex National Jersey On Farm Competition have been released over the last week. There has been some incredible looking winners so far. Youth winners will be announced tomorrow (7 June) followed by the National Team Winners (8 June) and Overall Winners (9 June).

Keep an eye out on the website, email or our Facebook.

National Winners – Conformation 9yrs and older

6th Place – Denson Dale Maggie – L A & A H Wilson

5th Place – Totara Dale Meg Lite S2J – Totara Dale Farm Ltd

4th Place – Waimata Macgyver Pansy – Totara Dale Farm Ltd

3rd Place – Braedene Target Molly – Just Jerseys Ltd

2nd Place – Leithlea Gannon Sun S2J – Leithlea Jerseys

1st Place – Ferdon B Stone Rose – Ferdon Genetics

“The 9 year plus class was a very enjoyable class to judge, the number of cows was pleasing to see. Cows that have lasted the distance and still held together well, including one at 15 years old and still well worthy of being shown. The winning cow was a real dairy cow , lovely clean bone capacity and still showing a very good udder.” Graeme Collins.