These awards, a new innovation from the Jersey New Zealand Board, are designed to acknowledge both members herd achievements and their support for the Association through use of its products and services.

    In essence, there are five areas in which members must ‘qualify’ for consideration of the award.

    1) They must use Jersey Gene (must purchase Jersey Genes™ semen for use in their own herd-any quantity)
    2) They must TOP & Classify their entire two year old contemporary group of heifers
    3) They must register all animals over Jersey 12 content (excluding any lease animals)
    4) They must complete a minimum of four Herd Tests within a season
    5) They must submit at least one heifer for consideration for the Jersey Genome programme.
    To acknowledge the number of years the breeder has achieved the award, a number will appear at the end (For example, JNZ Services Award 1 indicates one year of meeting all criteria).
    Each recipient will receive: A certificate, authorisation to use their award level in any form of advertising, including in any sales catalogue where an animal of their breeding is featured (either in the footnote or foreword).

    2017/18 season results coming soon



    This award is for Jersey New Zealand members whom the clubs feel epitomises all things Jersey.

    Awarded in 2018

    No awards made

    Awarded in 2017

    Des Hickey
    David Ireland

    Awarded in 2016

    Tim Sneddon
    Tony Luckin



    This award is made to the person who, in the opinion of Jersey New Zealand Board, has done the most or been the most active, in promoting and publicising the Jersey breed and the Association. The award covers all phases of a breeder’s activities, including testing, showing, breed promotion and administration.

    Awarded in 2018

    No awards made

    Awarded in 2017

    Cliff Shearer

    Awarded in 2016

    Paul & Marion Johnson


    J T Thwaites Sire of the Season

    Linan Integrity Winston – Megaw Family Trust

    Braedene Pas Triplestar – B Thompson

    Chardonnay Frankie – B & M Nesbit


    J T Thwaites Sire of the Season Criteria

    1. Bulls Eligible
      • Only new bulls emerging with an initial proof
      • Must be J16 breed makeup and registered with Jersey New Zealand
      • Must be New Zealand born irrespective of ancestry.
        eg: Imported embryos are considered New Zealand bred
    2. Production Criteria. Must have a widespread proof defined as:
      • Reliability of BW not less than 75%
      • Production daughters spread over at least 20 herds
      • The herd with the most daughters not to exceed 33.3% of all daughters in the proof
      • Minimum of 40 production daughters in the evaluation
      • Bull must be on the NZ Ranking of Active Sires (RAS) list
    3. TOP Criteria
      • Not less than +0.1 BV for each of Overall Opinion, Udder Overall and Dairy Conformation
      • TOP daughters spread over at least 10 herds
      • Minimum of 20 TOP daughters in the evaluation
    4. Interbull Criteria
      • The bull must meet the necessary criteria to be accepted by Interbull for an International Evaluation
    5. Evaluation Used
      • Animal Evaluation run in May
    6. The winning bull
      • After meeting criteria, the bull with the highest BW (where equal BW, higher reliability wins).
    7. Recipient of the award
      • The breeder of the bull receives the award and may or may not be a member of Jersey New Zealand and may or may not be the owner of the bull

    JT Thwaites Sire of the Season is calculated after the May Animal Evaluation run.


    In recognition of outstanding services to the Jersey breed and Jersey NZ, nominated and presented by the Jersey NZ Board for activities over the preceding 12 months. 

    The Cyril Dermer Cup for 2018 is presented to Julie Pirie.

    While a relatively new member to Jersey NZ, Julie’s contribution to the breed and Association has become significant over the past 12 months.  While her primary contribution has been with youth, Julie’s influence is also felt at representational level through her involvement on two Jersey NZ Committees.


    Julie believes strongly in community, and for a few years now has been offering children in her local community the opportunity to come onto her farm to raise an animal for 12-14 weeks and show it at the school calf club.  Julie has noticed that with having a group of up to 20 primary school children on farm, a number of important life and social skills are also learnt alongside good animal husbandry, skills such as team work, helping each other, work ethic, patience, accepting praise and learning to deal with disappointment.


    Julie is also involved with mentoring teenagers, encouraging and helping them at A&P Shows and for the Semex Youth Challenge at the NZ Dairy Event.


    In January 2018 Julie, along with Matt Satherley, organised and led a study tour group of 10 mainly Jersey youngsters to participate at International Dairy Week in Australia.  The team performed admirably, and many of the youngsters were then asked to exhibit in the Youth Show with some good results.


    More recently, Julie has been elected as Chair of the Donald Pearson Farm Trust.  Donald Pearson was a Milking Shorthorn breeder who left his farm near Whitford, Auckland, to the New Zealand Young Farmers to be used as a demonstration farm for city kids.  Julies influence is being felt already with the introduction of Jersey heifers on to the farm.


    Within Jersey NZ, Julie is also serving on both the very active Industry Affairs Committee and the recently formed Youth Committee to develop the youth programme further for Jersey NZ.    She is President of her local Thames Valley Jersey Club, and is also a Fonterra Shareholders Councillor.


    The Board of Jersey NZ believes that Julie’s passion and advocacy for both youth and the Jersey breed make her the ideal recipient of the reactivated Cyril Dermer Cup.



    Top Herd by BW OVERALL

    1st place: TOTARA DAIRY LTD (Rhys & Mary Williams), Hikurangi

    BW 145, 76 registered Jerseys, 2,673 litres milk, 179kg Fat, 121kg Protein, 262 DIM

     Top Herd by MS Herd Size 20-150 cows

    1st place:
    GLENBROOK JERSEYS (Cliff Shearer), Hawera

    MS: 617, 30 registered Jerseys, 6,721 litres milk, 337kg Fat, 280kg Protein, 290 DIM

    Top Herd by MS Herd Size 151-300 cows

    1st place:
    (Christine Frecklington), Palmerston North

    MS: 611, 189 registered Jerseys, 6,428 litres milk, 344kg Fat, 267kg Protein, 288 DIM

     Top Herd by MS Herd Size 301 – 500 cows

    1st place: UPLAND PARK JERSEYS LTD (Andy & Nicki Walfrod), Matamata

    MS: 528, 364 registered Jerseys, 5,253 litres milk, 300kg Fat, 228kg Protein, 282 DIM

     Top Herd by MS Herd Size 500+ cows

    1st place: WILSON FARMS (Steve & Naiouli Wilson), Warkworth

    MS: 451, 565 registered Jerseys, 4,456 litres milk, 267kg Fat, 184kg Protein, 265 DIM

    Jersey NZ Production Award Trophy – Top Milksolids Cow

    Roma Manhatten Kate 2 S3J, EX4 (Roma Farm Ltd, Bob & Margaret Morris), Morrinsville

    MS: 893, 10,074 litres milk, 476kg Fat, 417kg Protein, 305 DIM

    K A Bennett Memorial Trophy – Top Milksolids Cow 10 Year and Over

    Lauriedale Jade Penny, VG4 (Lauriedale Holestine Ltd, Wayne & Claire Newton), Stratford

    MS: 770, 8,938 litres milk, 420kg Fat, 350kg Protein, 221 DIM

    Mitchell Challenge Trophy – Highest BW Cow

    Bonacord Murmurs Bambi (Bonacord Farms Ltd), Outram

    BW: 235

    West Lyn Cup
    For leading living lifetime producer
    Provided via nomination with 3GP included annually. 
    Only for cows that have completed a lactation in the season relating to the award (e.g. season 2016/17 for award in 2018), are registered, J16 and owned by a Jersey NZ member.

    Willowhaugh Samual Offer, EX2 (Ian & Christina Jordan), Blenhim

    MS: 6,133kg in 14 lactations